mandag, desember 12, 2005

Dragonfly (film)

It’s a movie that is about love that is so strong it crosses the boundaries of death. In fact a cute little story. One of those movies guys can bring girls with them to soften them up a little. It’s about the “perfect” couple that dedicates their life to help others. She is going far away to help and dies in an accident. He refuses to grieve.

There are many elements that show that even they had a good relationship, it had its borders. She is able to cross the boundaries of death to send him signs. However he doesn’t know if he should believe or not. A lot of the story revolve around him telling his friends about these happenings and being met mostly with doubt.

A key to it all is that he himself holds loads of doubt and that’s why he is himself not able to contact her back. In the end he finds himself pretty close to where he was in desperate search for the truth.

When this is said the script is somewhat unmotivated and most of the story is sort of A-something slightly paranormal happens B-it gets denied and A again. It can be a little dull and uninspiring at times. Dialogue is often repetitious and its like the movie needs to meet its length but we have nothing more to say. I still do recommend you to see this one as if you give it a little time and look through the weaknesses – it’s a story that tells about the treasure at the end of the Rainbow.

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