lørdag, februar 11, 2006

Bella Napoli (Restaurant)

It is from my visits to Italy that I learned how to appreciate Italian food. Italian Pizza was probably the hardest to get used to and I didn’t really start to enjoy Italian Pizza until I was in Kabul, Afghanistan and tasted proper own made Italian Pizza. Reason for this I guess that there is a big difference on the food you get served on cheap tourist places in Italy and real Italian food. Some of the key secrets of making Italian food great is simple is more – and always using fresh good quality ingredients. This of course makes me a bit fuzzy about Italian Restaurants as I expect certain tastes.

I did not expect much from Bella Napoli in Storgata Oslo. But it did indeed impress me. It’s not top of the notch Italian food, but it’s over pretty good.

You get a piece of the Italian taste and they do give in to the temptation to use cheap solutions for the food they cook.

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