tirsdag, april 25, 2006

Dum Dum Boys – Gravitasjon (Music Album)

Dum Dum Boys is the kind of music we used to listen to on the schoolbus on the way to Junior High. It’s one of the four great in Norwegian rock. It was their album “Pstereo” which was made for the movie classic “Death at Oslo S.

Then one day the adventure was over. Dum Dum Boys was over – until they reunion (again one of these bands—he he) and released the new album – “Gravitasjon”

So just like many other fans I like to get a hand on this album and see if it can live up to the old standard. Yes and no. A few songs – especially “Enhjørning” is totally the way we like it and at the same time – new and refreshing.

The overall sound of the album is rough – in many way it sounds more like the hobby project Racer. Of course the songs do include soundelements from all Dum Dum Boy’s albums. Its just the rough mastering that make all sounds kinda mix like porridge. The other things is that some of the songs seems a bit to little well done – to less produced and in fact: Unfinished.

So the verdict ?

A few nice and enjoyable songs but quite a few disappointments as well.

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