mandag, mai 08, 2006

Free Jimmy (Movie)

The world is a strange place. The honor to make the most expensive Norwegian movie goes to Christopher Nielsen, the brother of Joachim “Jokke” Nielsen – who was one of the 4 big ones in Norwegian Rock – the creator of the song “To fulle menn” – voted as the best Norwegian song ever made – Who became a victim of price dumping of Heroin in Oslo and instead of serving us with more years of happy drinking songs – died away from us in the grip of The White Lady as well as so many others.

Christopher did make the wild cartoon on Jokke’s albums as well as he made underground cartoons. And he has also made an animated feature before with “To trøtte typer”

Free Jimmy is the first full length feature movie from Christopher and includes all or at least most of his cartoon characters. The name Free Jimmy parodies the name “Free Willy” except that Jimmy is an animated drug addicted elephant and unlike Willy (who swam back to Norway) he only exists in a computer frame and can be set free.

It has taken an age to make this movie. It features some of the best animated tech there is – and uses it to create beautiful scenery over Christopher’s brutal universe. Where he takes the dark sides of Norwegian life and turns it into brutal comedy but at the same time – puts the finger on several important issues.

It’s a long time since I have enjoyed a movie like this. I just had a laugh all the way though. And in a way this is heritage to the great Flåklypa even with its much darker humor.

There are several references to other movies. The strongest and clearest one is probably the “Bambi” scenes with the Elk trying to help a shacking elephant on its feet.

The most funny scene is when they steal a car and it crashe - more I will not say about it - to spoil the fun.

I am looking forward to see it again with English voices. And again and again. This is the movie you go and see even you don’t want to see any movies. A must for everyone!

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