torsdag, juni 22, 2006

Galactic Civilization 2 (game)

I am weak for turn based strategy. Reason why? Its your own pace. No rush. Hours of fun and building up your own empire and squash all enemies down. Down under your feets.

While Galactic Civilization 1 was a lot of fun. And there for a big hit – even if it wasnt that polished. In its second installation we do get more of the same. Poished to death.

And weeeeee: it workes like a charm. In fact – this games building system is far better than the one in Civilization 4. Each turn is a week – instead of a year. Which gives you a fantastic of 52 turns a year. A game that will get you building and building – frenzy for weeks and years all the long.

The tech three is endless. Endless. You keep researching and yet there are a neverending list of things to research. Extremely hard to find your way trough thech. But yet more fun and challenging. The so called diplomatics and other happenings happens at a better and less irritating pace than in Civilization 4.

The graphics are .... great enough to keep me happy. Way better than the first installation. And it is easy to keep an overview of what’s happening – even when you have a huge size galaxy to conquer.

The music is good. It sounds like these people have been playing HOMM 4 too much though. But all in all good quality and a little like in Age of Wonders (I) the music has a few ”not so well” hidden references to other stuff.

The final verdict is.. This is just an awsome game. A Civilization beater! Sid Meier – play this game and learn till the next Civilization game... Or maybe you can make us a new Colonization soon??

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