torsdag, desember 14, 2006

James Bond Casino Royale (film)

Every time there is a new James Bond there is a lot of tension in the first movie. It is usually like: if the movie fails the James Bond franchise is in danger.

Therefore they brought in the director from Goldeneye to ensure success.
Earlier there has also been similar attempts on creating a darker Bond more like the one in Ian Flemming’s books. Most noticeably the failure with George Lazenby.
This time however they have gone to the roots and made something of a Dr. No killer.

They step away from a lot of the Bondiness that was created for the films and is not from Ian Flemmings mind.

One shouldn’t be surprised that it works. It is just the fact that we have gotten used to something else? Truth is it works so well. With such an impact 2:24 seems like an hour and a half. Even when you see it second time.

It is really enjoyable to see that James Bond takes damage and has his face full of bruises. And the rest is just pure enjoyment as well. Best line is: “That's because you know what I can do with my little finger”

The weak point is that the story is totally weak as well as the end. But who cares. This is one of the best bond movies ever. You have a license to see it now.

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