torsdag, mars 15, 2007

Windows Vista (Software)

It is true. As soon as you tried it you will never go back to Windows XP again. I who never really like the once so "fancy" sides of Windows XP always run it with optimal performance and classic views have now been enchanted by Vistas new look and you do suddenly have a reason to run it with all the eye-dropping features on.


With my AMD X2 3800+ with 2GB ram + 1GB Ready boost it is fairly responsive and quite fun to use. However it requires almost all the processor power and the CPU FAN is running constantly and the CPU temperature is high and on the rising.

Telling me: I need a new computer.

The new interface is in many cases a pure rip-off from Mac OS X. And why not, it is a good OS to rip-off from. In fact Vista is the first OS (of my opinion) that has some truley user friendly features. The big icons on the desktop are to my dislike but I see that it will loved by many.

The HUGE dialog boxes that assist you in what's going on is also something I dislike, but again something that is user-friendly and will be good for many.

For example, I have a friend that has had nothing but problems with his PC in such level that it never would work - resulting into it being quite useless for him to have a PC. After a long time of this I suggested to him to switch over to Mac OS X and he has been happy ever since. No problems at all. While the switch to Vista won't be ass painless - it is a step in the right direction.

Something I really don't like is that it often can become totally non-responsive, even to such keyboard actions as CTRL-ALT-DEL - It has not crashed - you basically just have to sit and wait for Vista to sort itself out.

You also have plenty of new or changed tools to help your system out. I suggest you to familiarize to these as soon as possible.

Vista will for sure boost Hardware sales to a new top. Everybody needs a new computer now. Xp is old-fashioned.

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