fredag, juni 22, 2007

Primaverasound 2007 (Festival)

Primaverasound 2007

I think the primary reason I went here was to see

The Smashing Pumpkins
While not really like the original Smashing Pumpkins I think they actually play better now. Not that I have seen them live before, but I have seen live recorded footage. And I have been waiting whole my life to get a chance to see them. Billy Corgan showed off his excellent skills on the guitar and the band showed off. It was one of those moments of immediate pleasure. While they did not play my favorite "Silverf*ck" they did play almost all the other good tunes, and even a few I didn't know.

It was pure rock. I could really feel the grove.

Biggest Surprise was that they played an acoustic cover version of Neil Young's "winterlong".

At times there where some sound problems, but I don't think most people noticed in the drag of the pumping Smashing Pumpkins.

The Fall
I saw The Fall at the Øya Festival last year. There they played uncontrolled and it was pretty much a sad experience. This time around they played a fantastic gig and it showed that they really enjoyed the punk this time.

The White Stripes
My brother has been telling me strange stories about this band. I have no real clue about what to believe, but at least I find it all to be really odd. The White Stripes i without a doubt a really good band if not truly groundbreaking. However 1 and a half hour with this is maybe a bit too much. I think what they really need to do a festival like this is to break the gig up in several small ones...

Black Mountain
They had some sound problems for sure, but it was a pretty good band. I get the feeling they are some kind of mix between classic hippy style and modern indie rock. It works in scary ways, but sure is worth it.

Band of Horses
They had major sound problems, but still this was one of my surprises (as I have never heard of them before) - being one of the best gigs of the Festival. I wonder though why the name is Band of Horses and why all of them are jumping around the stage looking all gay. The music however rocks! You should go and see them.

Built To Spill
My brother has tried to make me like this band for years, and suddenly he succeeded. I just brought my special imported Air Guitar and joined up with another air guitar player and we played along with the band for the whole show.

Sonic Youth
Another time with Sonic Youth, this time performing "Daydream Nation" live. I can only bow my head for this band as they just play better and better, and it’s a totally enjoyment every time I watch it!

The Rest
Queues was a drag, to get in I actually had to do the line 5 or 6 times. Beer was crap and way to long lines, and you had to stand in line to get tickets to stand in line to get tickets to get beer. And the beer was so small before you had finished the line to get tickets you would need another beer, which sellers sold for double price cash while you where waiting in line.

The food was excellent at times, except the sausages which tasted crap.

The ATP stage had some really good shows. At times there were also some good DJs on the Vueling stage, especially at night.

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