torsdag, juli 12, 2007

24 season 6 (TV series)

Many people thinks season 6 is the weakest yet. And why not? It is a series that has been going on for several season so how to keep it up? The truth is that this time they didn’t try to go for the shock and awe thing and went back on the 24 formula and said, if we can not make a new and grander threat - just lets make the old ones better.

In a way it is better, because it is more laid back, it doesn’t try to show us something new, but has a very tight with only one loose end (which I think will be solved eventually in the next season). The story does not have all that mumbo jumbo side stories that really just is irritating, but more important is that the dialogue and the events that happen are more realistic. Before in 24 there would often be the kind of situations that just where irritating stupid(or maybe I have just watched to few 24 episodes??).

As I was reading about season 6 on the net I came over people who complain about 24 for promoting certain bad behavior like torture among others. For me this has never been an issue as what happens on the screen is always fiction for me. But I know well that there are people who have problems distinguish the difference between fact and fiction and I acknowledge that the nature of 24 might at certain points "promote" certain unfavorable issues. But then again, so does plenty of other movies, TV shows as well as computer games. So I don’t think 24 oversteps here...

I enjoyed this season quite well, but it would be nice with something else than nuclear weapons and standard terrorists one time.....

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