tirsdag, mars 21, 2006

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Book)

My second Murakami book. This one is a bit more focused than Kafka on the Shores. This time there is two separate stories. The first story takes place in the real world, I would characterize it as Cyber Punk - even if only slightly. The other story takes place in the main character mind (we do not know this until later – but we are constantly given hints) And therefore I classify the whole book as very good Cyber Punk

Again Murakami tells us a modern fairly tale. But unlike Kafka on the shores, this one starts off with the surrealistic stuff straight of the bat.

Except for being a tale of a man, having a separate world in his mind Murakami again brings up the issue of love crossing physical boundaries as well as the question about: “What makes a meaningful life?”

I have not read anymore Murakami books but I would guess these are reoccurring themes in Murakami books?

The books also touches the 1984 essential question: What if both the good side and the bad side is controlled by the same entity?

Also again Murakami shows us that he has excellent cultural knowledge though his inclusion of musical, literal and film references.

Again a great book – and I feel it will be more Murakami on me.

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