onsdag, august 16, 2006

Video editing havoc

I’ve been editing videos for some time now. Just now I have been dealing with one from my vacation in Prague. I always seem to get the same shitty problems with video editing:
- Unstable software crashing at weird times
- Unsupported codecs
- Decoding is a nightmare
- Problems with audio synch
- Other instability problems
Now I have tried out most of the packages there is both on Windows as well as Mac OS X (I have to admit I have not tried any LinuX ones so if anyone know a LinuX video editing program that irons out these problems – let me know) and all of them more or less have these issues. It drives me crazy – how can companies charge 1000 buck for a program that doesn’t work properly?
If it was a car – you couldn’t.
I remember in the old C64 days that one could be working for ours and then you would lose all your work because saving it to floppy would fail – and yes we might have came a long way today – but still we have shitty problems.
I am not going to stop edit movies in the first – but I am really looking for something to stop all these problems

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