onsdag, juli 26, 2006

Star Wars – Empire at war (Game)

Expectations were high. Good reviews other places. The promise to control a full Star Wars campaign – from the big galactic picture – down to controlling every unit. Could it be? The Star Wars version of Total War?

No no no – what is this piece of shit? The earth warfare is a crippled RTS game – control waypoints – kill everything – weird control style – no involvement – no fun RTS. They don’t even try to make it feel like there is any point in what you are doing. The only cool thing is that is: It’s Star Wars. Then again so sad. The warfare in space is basically the same crippled game – using a 2D battlefield. Sorry, Star Trek Armada did this sooo much better.

And? Surprise. The overview campaign strategy is also some shitty halfwit without meaning. It is some kind of simplified blend of Civ and Galactic Civ game play, problem is it’s as playable as Yoda Desktop Adventures.

Empire at war is basically a game for small children and doesn’t deliver. What about truly making a Star Wars conversion of Total War?

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