onsdag, januar 31, 2007

24 - season 1-5

As I didn’t see those before, I started a marathon of watching all seasons of 24 to get up to date in Allistar Mcleans answer in the TV world. 24 – a series that tries to captivate the viewers by giving us constant thrill for 24 hours – 24 episodes.

The success in doing this is partial. Sometimes you are thrilled and can’t stop watching while at other times the story is really lagging behind and some of the thrill elements are dull and the choices made just doesn’t seem real. This is specially seen in the subplot with Kim Bauer (luckily they cut it out) but also in the Presidential side.

In the later series they try to keep up the thrill but unfortunately after season 3 they kind of had used up all level one threats to the country and try to find new things. Does it succeed in giving a thrill then? Mostly it does. A lot of action, gadgets, and sometimes storylines without an obvious choice. But it is like this: If you have seen one episode – you have seen them all. (or maybe not?)

I am thinking of making a in dept review of all the seasons. But I have a feeling that in the end I wont be bothered.

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