onsdag, januar 31, 2007

Winter came?

Well we finally got some snow around here. Roads were slippery this weekend - even when it was pretty cold. These days I am reading: “The weather makers” of Tim Flanelly. It is seriously a good book about a serious issue. Scary I would say. However I do believe that everyone could do many things in daily life (without changing lifestyle too much) to help prevent global warming. A little bit here – and a little bit there.

Be cautious about how you live. But it has to be done without hysteria. Ex. Our Government who prioritizes electric cars. This is because we in Norway have a tradition with water electricity so it is a common understanding that this is a good idea. Problem is – stored electricity is most inefficient. It is only ecologic when used from environment friendly energy (like water energy). And sadly enough Norwegians consume (as well as export) so much energy that we need other energy sources as well as from water.

I like most good Norwegians believed el-cars to be a good thing until I went abroad for a few year. One other thing from our Government is the slight tax reduction on Diesel cars (without requiring filter) that will lead to an increase in the dangerous dust created from these.

There are generally many areas that goodwill can become wrong if one doesn’t look further into the material. I haven’t finished the book yet and it is supposed to end with some solutions… so we will see…

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