onsdag, mars 19, 2008

The Brave One (movie)

I for one have a lot of respect for Jodie Foster. She is one of the icons of the movie industry and without a doubt one of the best female actresses there is. And the fact that she is cute in her own special way does not make things worse ;)

I was of course a little sad that she wouldn´t do the successor to "Silence of the Lambs" because they didn´t want to change the (excellent) ending. But I also understand her view on the case. The other real disappointment I´ve had from here movie carrier is "Contact" which turned out to be something like utter crap.

But mostly she delivers good quality movies that not always follow the main stream. The Brave One is controversial in a way that it is totally understandable that people talk a lot about it. When you consider the ending you see that it is even more controversial. Is it morally ok? Is it even morally ok to question?

Because of this the movie starts up extremely slow and the way it progresses its obvious that the story tries too much to justify itself, which in turn is kind of ridiculous as we would simply believe it with the first happening. Why should it be so that because her boyfriend is killed she constantly gets involved in situations with bad people something she never did before? Realistic? Maybe but do we believe in it? no...

This is the movies only weakness and we can easily forgive it as the slow paste in the beginning soon has us in a first class thriller. Make no mistake, this is no "Silence of the Lambs" but it is good. It has tension and builds up a unresting feel that it will not let go.

The fear that she feels early on is so well done I think a lot of people will recognize it as its own. And that is basically the main theme of this movie. Why should (normal) people be afraid of doing normal things? Is it not so that the civilization should make the world a safer place so you and me can be safe on those streets?

The camerawork is excellent done, and often I find myself a little fascinated. Also I will say that the location manager(s) has done some of the best jobs ever (could there be an Oscar for best location manager??) and New York is looking like some of the most beautiful and romantic spots of the world - building up to the contrast between beauty and fear.

Jodi Foster delivers the goods in such a way I actually think this one could be a nice movie to bring a date.

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