tirsdag, mai 13, 2008

The Valley of Elah (movie)

Not only because Tommy Lee Jones is playing in both I think The Valley of Elah somewhat has shared interests with “No country for old men”: Something with the statement that the world is just not what it used to be, and that for the worse.

Personally I do not agree in this statement.

While many people wrongly can think of this as an anti military movie, I do however think of it as a movie that tries to pinpoint the wrong sides of war. There are peace forces and there are forces for destruction, and many subtle places in between.

The movie is build up around a crime scene that has shared civilian and military interests and the dad whose son is dead is an ex. Soldier.

This mystery that builds up is very well done and we keep asking ourselves what has happened. Through this suspense the story slowly descend and strikes us where it matters the most.

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