tirsdag, juli 04, 2006


In the five years I lived in The Netherlands I only had 2 parking tickets, and that was because I gambled on not paying the parking fee. (Naughty??)
Anyway – back in Norway I get parking tickets all the time – and it’s because they make 440 million kroners a year on parking tickets (divide that on 4 million people and you see what I mean)
It is basically big business and so parking rules are so difficult that no one can ever apprehend them all – meaning you never know if you park legal or not – probably not.
Sometimes places that where legal yesterday has suddenly become “no parking” just to keep the money flowing in.
It’s not very much fun – but the option is to choose not to park at all.
Thank you Norway..
Also on the trip back from Kristiansand I noticed something strange – one gas station actually sold gas for 12.30 kroner and diesel for 12.60 – the first time ever I have seen it being more than gas.. Must have been a mistake.
Later I will probably write some shit about the speed cameras and all the shit that they create.

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