fredag, mai 11, 2007

Dinsosaur Jr - Beyond (Music)

It is a rule that says that when a band reunites and make a new album it will never be any good. And it will take 3 albums before they reach somewhat the old heights before they broke up again. Dinosaur Jr puts this rule to blame. While the band members doesn't really stand each other, and try to be far away from each other on the scene - we do have a quality album in our hands.

In fact is is just like Dinosaur Jr is supposed to be. Awfully great and all the tunes are just as good as the old albums. In many ways Beyond sounds like time stood still and that they where songs made back in the days.

It’s hard for me to explain - but its just like old days when I was a little boy and I put on Dinosaur Jr and relaxed off after school. Basically it’s just perfect - I can't get enough of it - lets hope they keep going at least for two more albums :=)

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