onsdag, mai 23, 2007

Spiderman 3 (film)

Some places this production is referred to the most expensive movie ever other places I have seen it referred as one of the most expensive movies ever. I guess there must be some inconsistency in what the actual production cost is. What we can agree in is that this film is a pretty expensive monster.

Now, does it show?

Not really. While the movie is complete with more beautiful skyscraper action and nice special effects of the villains, there is really not much we haven't seen before. In many ways I prefer it this way as more sfx would just have become overwhelming. But I do think that somewhere on the road way to much cash has been put into this movie.

It is just not worth that much.

Trying to forget about this issue we go back to what we are really interested in:

Is it any good?

While I used to read a lot of superhero cartoons when I was younger, I have never really been a fan of the superhero movies. Very few movie makers are able to capture the original feel of the series as well as giving them fresh blood when transferring them to the big screen.

For people who hasn't read the series this is not such a big problem because they don't know what to expect and therefore often like what they see. I myself are more negative to it, but sometimes they hit the right spot and you have a good superhero movie.

I though Spiderman 1 was a failure - except of course the skyscraper action ;)

In Spiderman 2 they managed to capture what Spiderman is all about. It is actually a parody. Yes a comedy. Not everybody knows this because it is a bit hidden. But Peter Parker is a super hero that mocks a bit with the other. While Superman pretends to be human and Batman is a playboy, Peter Parker is (despite his superpowers) extremely human and fragile. The fact that he is Spiderman is more a nuisance than a wow factor in his life. I think this is what people like about Spiderman and why he becomes some popular. This formula seems also to be working better on the big screen than in the cartoons - which means Spidey was before his time and have just been waiting for his moment to show!

Spiderman 3 follows up from Spiderman 2 and plays on the right issues in the Spiderman universe. This time the storyline is in fact quite complicated. There are several villains and some are even friends? And of course there are problems, with Mary Jane, with his aunt, with money, with work and within himself. The struggle with himself is magnified with the dark suit, which I think was a perfect choice to port from the cartoon as it is the best Spidey story!

To sum it up I think Spiderman 3 is just as good as the second movie, perhaps better because its just more complex without getting the dull moments.

And now, do I need to make a Spiderman evening with all three movies? Aaargh... That will be a lot of web mess....

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