tirsdag, mai 15, 2007

Johanne Hildebrant - two first books about Valhalla

One of these days, walking down the alley I decided to look at a book sale and out I came with the first book of Swedish Johanne Hildebrandt first book in her trilogy about Valhalla. A few minutes later (maybe closer to 30 minutes?) I was sitting down at a cafe and reading.

And to my surprise I just couldn't stop. I was hooked before I knew it and days became night and day again and before I knew it - it was all over.

This kind of writing style is not necessary good writing. It’s just about keeping the tension so high at each moment of the book so you just can't put it down. A style perfected by Alister McClean.

Johanne tells the story about the forbidden an intense love between Froeya and Thor. As they are not allowed by their tribes nor the Gods to love each other it is both a sad but still intriguing and beautiful story.

While Johanne portraits these mythic Gods as humans or very human like she is maybe a bit short into giving them typical archetypical faces of envy and power.

What I am trying to say is while she is making really good story and I enjoy it like several others, she fails to go deeper. I am not sure but this could also be the strength as going deeper can easily fail.

Then later in the same alley I went into a different book store and got hold of the second book at a bargain price. Wow that was pure luck!

And I was back at it again. The second book brings the Legend of Valhalla further and this time we follow Idun, the fruit of the secret passion of the first book.

It is obvious the Johanne has become a better writer since last time as in this book the writing is tighter and more thrilling than ever. This could also be because the story line is in all not that complex.

I am looking forward for the third book that concludes this trilogy.

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