onsdag, januar 09, 2008

Lomsk - concert

During Christmas time one of my friends tipped me about a Lomsk concert in Vågå.

When I was a lot younger in the days where Gausdal was the place to be (??) and we used to go to local parties with different local bands, Lomsk sometimes played on stage. At the time they only played cover tunes but already back then we could hear that Lomsk played better than the rest.

Later in 1999 I went to a Lomsk concert in Hamar. This time they played their own music; Folk Rock. While it requires quite a lot from the listener the music is really awsome and they get full pot on music reviews.

In other words Lomsk is a hidden Gem for the ones that haven´t heard them before.

So I went up to Vågå for a real treat, and I was not wrong. They played better than ever. And the trip was a success. I hope I will be able to see them again soon.

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