onsdag, januar 09, 2008

Young Neils - concert

Back in 1994 I was in for a surprise. I was attending the Kalvøya Festival beacuse I wanted to see Pearl Jam live. However the main attaction this day was Neil Young. I had never really cared much about him at all but there where many people talking only about him.

At the end of the show Eddie Vedder said something bad about Neil Young. And then Neil entered the stage and delivered a show that later was reviewed as one of his 10 best shows – probably a bit overated but it is a general idea of how good it was.

(Later as you might now Pearl Jam and Neil Young worked together and also released the mediocore album Mirrorball)

Next year Neil came back and delivered a live show even better than the year before.

Nowadays the nearest you can come to this heaven of live music in norway is young Neils; a concept band that plays covers of Neil Young.

I saw them first in 1999 and I decided it was time for them again this christmas. In the beginning it sounded a bit flat and I was worried I had made a mistake, but soon they build up the sound and the songs got better and better – just to end up in a superb version of Hurricane. I just wish they would play more of the songs with the same freshness as the last one.

And of course they play in 3 hours till end so its all worth the money, just for the fun the music, the thrill and everything else!!

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