onsdag, januar 09, 2008

Macbook Pro with Mac OS X 10.5

One of my lost loves from my childhood is a C64. While not being my first computer it is the computer that made the difference.

At the moment I had the Macbook Pro in my hand I knew I was up to something just as big ;)

While being lost in a world of Windows for many years it is not until now I understand that Mac OS X is now my choice of HW/OS platform.

Yes it is true, I use bootcamp for a Windows install so I can play NWN2 and UT3 – but that’s also the only thing I need it for.

Why is Mac so good? I think you need to go back in time to the early beginning when Apple stole the idea of GUI from Xerox (which again stole it from someone??)

While PC users was lost in a land of command line, Mac users was early introduced to the simplicity of a far superior GUI based enviroment.

Today it is much less difference between the platforms but still Mac just have more years on the back and they have Steve Jobs, and you get a computer and a OS that just works off the pack – that has significant less treats – and that conforms to the computer needs for the amateur as well as a pro.

I was very skeptical about the codec hell for playing movie files but soon found out that with a few extras the codec system works better on OSX than on Windows! It plays everything I throw at it.

A few problematic things I want to say is: isync 3.0 doesn’t like my shitty N95 phone. The choice of media applications specialy music and video editing is not that big. If you don’t like itunes you are a bit lost – I did however find a decent replacement in Songbird. For video editing I can find the best app of course in Final Cut Pro but the price is also crazy and for options there are of course Adobe Premiere. Else than that there is not much. Imovie just doesn’t have what it takes… so I am still looking.

So yes there is a few things here and there but then there is just 100 times 100 of small nice things with this computer. In fact there are so many things and every day I discover something new and nice about it.

Too much things to talk about there.

Macbook Pro with Leopard - You just got to love it! – You just got to try it!

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