onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Finn Kalvik (Private Concert)

I somehow became so lucky that I was filming one of Film Kalviks private concerts last year.

Now one can have many meanings about Finn, both his personality as well as his music.

But no matter what, he does a have a few good songs. And when I was sitting long and short nights to cut it all together I had to listen to a lot of Finn Kalvik and slowly his songs went underneath my nails and skin.

And I have to admit that there are several songs that has more to it than the first sound might reveal…

Anyway the concert was tad short for the price so even if it was a good show, he should have played twice as long.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Kjæreste Chand!
Har du en kopi av denna konserten jeg kunne få lurt til meg for en vaffel-fest?

Hilsen en nesten hemmelig beundrer..

Moonknight sa...

Ja, har det. Men siden det er fra en privat fest, så må forespørsel klareres med bursdagsbarnet. Kontakt meg på don_chand@chasvag.com og så ser vi.