onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Kakkmaddafakka (concert)

I was a little surprised by this band as there are several friends of mine that think they are good and still I saw none of my own agegroup at the concert. Why might I wonder – is there something I missed?? ;)

The band certainly puts on a good show. You can see that everybody on stage is having fun and the choir is so active with movements that they steal half the show.

This easily amused the crowd: it is not often you see a band that knows their audience so well. It is a show where everybody is a part of the stage and the hall is vibrating of fun.

So I know what you are thinking – what is the catch? Well sound quality was awful like porridge – so I actually left the concert before it was over. I can not stand band sound.

I have been in concerts in the same hall before so I think this is the returning problem of fresh new bands that they have some lousy soundmixer that thinks he is cool but in reality kills the whole band.

We will give it a chance to progress for a new concert sometime later.

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