onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Jo Nesbø – Snowman (book)

He is back. The Snowman. But why? Because it is winter. ;)

Jo did it again, made a masterpiece of a book. I don´t think it is his best, but its all up there on the top. I have to admit since I have been reading a lot of him lately that I kind of know his style now and he fails to surprise me anymore.

Spoiled maybe?

The theme is about unfaithfulness and all that it leads to. In the book he claims that 15-20% of all children does not know who their real father is. That’s an awful lot and I would like to see this number verified because if so it shows quite a lot about – hmm –yeah – unfaithfulness.

In many ways this book is tighter scripted than his earlier books – together with the actual theme and the scary snowman this book is at times close to become a thriller.

And it feels good….

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