søndag, oktober 05, 2008

Hawaii, Oslo (movie)

This movie is special in it own kinds. I will closely resemble it with the movie Déjà vu as the movie is fast approaching a future moment of time we all know will be a very very sad one, and we know it has already been written.

The build up of themes, stories, acting is done in such a great matter we just feel the sadness, the unenviable creep closer on us every minute. Like human kind has no intention and capability at all to change the world, to solve its own problems.

As with Déjà vu, the question is….. Is it possible to change? Is it possible that one or more person can change the flow of time and make what is supposed to be a sad ending to become a beautiful miracle?

Of course I will not give you the answer, its up to you to find out.

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