søndag, oktober 05, 2008

Indiana Jones 4 (movie)

I am surprised to see what modern technology can do. Harrison Ford is still almost as quick and witty as before. The movie takes the Indy formula from all the movies and plays with it just perfect at all times not to disappoint anyone at any time. So for new viewers this is a good entrance into the Indy universe. I however felt bored most of the time, I have seen it all before and maybe I am just to old to be captured by the action – or maybe the action is just a bit blunt.

Not to say the movie has it moments, quite enjoyable moments that shows the genius of it all.

Maybe what I miss in all the great exploration is some of the down to earth things, like with National Treasure it might just become a bit too grand at times.

To be honest I simply fail to know if this is good or not, as I was a bit bored, but I think that despite my boredom the movie is quite well done and therefore deserves a star in the book.

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