søndag, oktober 05, 2008

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 (TV series)

The Terminator universe is an oddity. The first movie much rightly showed off Arnold as the bad guy, The Terminator. In all respect this is the best of them as Arnold just is the coolest as the bad guy. In the later movies he of course chooses to be the good guy just because he is famous, which in return means the scripts are written around him.

When the rights for the Terminator franchise were sold years ago I feared that we would see Terminator 3 and 4 with shitty actors. For the best reason of all Arnold was back in T3 and delivered another great movie and I hope the forth will be just as good.

Now to the bad, Sarah Connor Chronicles exists in an alternative time space after T2. This I really do not like as it kinds of disturbs the Terminator saga in more confusing, will we then get another Terminator 3 movie in the alternative time space?
The Good? The series are brilliant. It is full of all the things we love about the terminator. Machines, violence, time travel and so on. Even if there are no Arnold the actors does an incredible good job to make these chronicles just as pleasant and interesting than the movies.

In fact because it is a series it has the possibility to explore many more of the interesting sides of the Man vs Machine problematics. This is of course not something new as we see this also in Bladerunner, Battlestar gallactica and so on. The interesting twist here is the fact that time is not what is seems, future grips its dirty hand in the past and the computers are fighting for their own existence by trying to uphold humans own desire to design their own terrible faith.

I really do not know why no one did a series of this long time ago. It is just soo good and enjoyable. I feel like I am 16, eh underage I mean 18 again…..

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