onsdag, oktober 31, 2007

The Contractor (movie)

This movie borrows a few elements from other movies. First of we have the ”I can not ride” scene borrowed from ”Unforgiven”. Later the movie borrows big from ”Leon/The Professional”.

While these elements are winner elements, specially the last one, it can not bring the movie up to the A status. Ok, even if Wesley Snipes has a lot of B movies behind him, many of them I still enjoy because they still deliver some good action. In this movie however he seems to be old, slow and useless – and since its not too long ago I saw some good Snipes action I have a feeling that this is the director’s fault – but of course I can not be sure.

But this is not all. The story also is plagued by a problem. The movie does not contain any progress, its basically Snipes going somewhere and running away from the scene repeatedly. And all this basically makes the movie a pain to watch.

But because of what I said in the beginning the movie also has bright points, and so it is that it can be a perfect waste of time one day you just can’t be bothered to think.

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