mandag, oktober 08, 2007

Stieg Larsson – Men who hates women (book)

I want to start up by praising this book. It is a masterpiece. Without using the Alistar Mclean method (constant action) the writer manages to create a web of suspension that before you know it has you sweating and you read 100 pages in 3 minutes. No really. The story is built up upon 2 main story lines as well as a few sub-plots. The first main plot is somewhat a traditional crime scene with a limited field of time and space as well as suspects. Still there is plenty of room for intrigue. The second main plot is the hero’s (a financial journalist) failed case against a finance top.

The hidden or not so well hidden theme about men who hates women is well placed into the movie, and tells us men in unsubtle ways about the bad things men can do. It is also perfectly matched into the hero’s subtle way of giving lost women what they need and dream of. However at the same time he has an openly free sex relationship with a friend which of course none of the other girl manages to accept. Cleverly done and is much more “up to date” and suitable than many other hero’s female relations.

Even though this is an extremely good book and I advice everybody and anybody to read it, I will now put the things on the negative:

- The story is written in an extremely objective way and sometimes the sub plots and the detail is just too much, but not too often.

- The strongest part of the storyline is the fact that the writer follows the classic story building quite perfectly, this is also the biggest weakness for example just after the first main story has been solved the story halts. And to let it progress into solving the other main story the writer has to make some cheap tension that’s just not realistic and to be honest – the end of the book becomes a mild anticlimax.

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