tirsdag, oktober 02, 2007

Lost in Translation (movie)

Finally I got to see this movie. I understand fully some of the comments other people has given to me about it. It is not a conventional movie at all.

The movie is very visual affected, also the music, sound and the acting is all performing a visual substance. So I can only conclude with the fact that this is basically a Artistic Presentation. But since not many people would go ahead and watch such a thing, they have added a little story to it.

The story however is just like a small short story of an old person and a younger version of the old person (even if they are different sexes) that meet and somewhat are lost in the dilemma of: Does it all have to be repeated or can we change it this time around?

So even if most of the dialogue is feeding the visual art (added up by Bill Murrays notorious way to give half ass coments) some of the first lines together (far out in the movie) is giving away the story plot.

The end is emotional in many ways and gives us a feeling of unknown but by looking at the people we know that things will not repeat itself and in such a way both are redeemed.

But the big question I ask myself is whether this is a masterpiece or just an art presentation smuggled into a blockbuster? I really don’t know, to answer that I have to see the movie a few more times, and by this statement it means that it is already a classic.

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