fredag, juli 04, 2008

The 4400 – All Seasons (TV Series)

I had heard that this would be a good watch but I had never foreseen the fact that I would get hooked. It is SCI-FI on its best. Like nothing I have seen before, except Heroes – but I think heroes is the later one…

Basically first of all one has to understand what the SCI-FI genre is all about: Its not about future and hot gadgets but about pointing the finger on present issues in the society by extracting these issues in a different world, often a futuristic world.
If you ever had time to read 1984 you will understand as it ”was” a futuristic novel about how the World would become in 1984 but really it is telling a story about the WW2.

The 4400 uses the promise of mixing people from different ages, races and ages and mixing them all together in a promise of making a better world. In the works you can find inspiration from movies like ”The Terminator” trilogy as well as the ”Back to the future” trilogy. But 4400 takes the promise to play with time even further and giving the people special abilities (Heroes like).

But of course it is not meant to be easy. The opening is one of the best I have ever seen and it got me hooked. The way they mix the stories and play around with reality and our minds really has no limits! And this is why I just had to see all seasons… before I could rest.

The last episode kind of sums it all up in a nice way but still people are demanding more or at least another ending episode.
There are some bad parts about 4400 also and I have to tell about them: but let it not stop you from watching it: B-rated actors, most of the actors sucks pretty much, they take themselves too serious and do not how to properly act. Sometimes or quite often there are obvious history glitches, which can only be caused by bad quality control. But the worst part in my eyes is that when they are not able to keep the story going wheel enough they resort to cheap soap drama tricks, which means that people change sides and friendship like rats without other meaning than to keep the tension up.

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