fredag, juli 04, 2008

The Wire – Season 1-3 (TV Series)

The Wire is really a masterpiece. It is lo-fi realistic TV. Gone is anything that reminds you about being in the 21st century and here we are back with hard ass acting and plot.

Every scene has so much love and detail and realism in it that you just have to smile again and again. The main story line however progresses slow and during one season there is just enough main story to fill up a normal TV series episode! So how come it is so good then?

For some reason it is extremely satisfactory to sit and let the world unfold in a slow matter (realistic drama like). I think one of the reason why reality TV is so good is because people like reality and a series like this (unlike reality TV) gives it in such folds that you and I really believe that what happens is not only true, but also that the actors are not really actors but For Real ;)

The first season can be explained as something like the movie “American Gangster” just longer and better.

There is another very important point about this and that is the underlying stories it tells about people, about society is really bare to the bone. And it leaves us with a deep impression and wish to make the world a better place.
Season 1-3 really sums it all up in a great way.

This is the Real Godfather Trilogy!

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