fredag, juli 04, 2008

Seigmen at the Opera (concert)

In Oslo there is a new Opera house and I was one of them among others that though it would all be in vain (for normal people).

But of course not, this is Norway we are talking about at so the people at the administration in the Opera are sporty enough to let the Opera be used for some cools stuff.

Housing a brilliant concert with PJ Harvey which I unfortunately did not attend. But more so the only Norwegian (rock)band that has been allowed to play there is the split up Seigmen.

And the only reason why Seigmen get together again and give us is a gig is because of this unique chance and honor it is to give a concert at this nice “palace”.

So all the hardcore Seigmen fans from all over the world came together and lined up for a two-day show.
Seigmen delivered something of an awesome concert. The sound in the Opera is the 2nd best I have ever heard (and the best was only within a demo stage) it was such a precise sound that when I could feel it rumble under my seat it was because it was meant to rumble just for me!

The set was divided in two parts. The first part started off with a brilliant opening and followed by some more slow songs. To my dislike is that here they played also some songs from the later era, the industrial part. I am a firm believer why Seigmen never made it well internationally is they progressed from the unique punk-goth style they had to the industrial side where they did not have the unique and interesting touch anymore.

Don’t get me wrong it didn’t sound bad, my favorite parts were just to come. They played even an Opera piece and then the second part begins and all was just full of awe and good stuff until the end.

If there is anything bad to add up to this concert is the fact that since the sound picture was so good there; Seigmen did have a hard time in a few songs to get that real feeling if only because …… the sound was to good.

Imagine that! I was a fan of Seigmen all since the first “Det finnes ingen utvei” and I am just hoping I will be there somewhere in the DVD that will be released from this awesome concert.

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