søndag, juli 20, 2008

Veien til Jerusalem – Jan Guillou (book)

This is the first book in a trilogy about Arn Magnusson the crusader. While Jan has taken the step to stop writing about the Swedish James Bond and try to write more serious fiction I actually do spot some of his trademark in Arn. It is not too hard to spot either, as Arn is some kind of superhuman blessed by the Gods. (he just do not know it yet)

Jan mixes old believes with modernism and old magic with Christianity. Although he shows a good commitment to the history and knowledge and even tries to be objective at times I do have a strong feeling that this story is strongly influenced by Jans personals views.

Nothing wrong with that really but when it is partially hidden behind objectivity then… well nothing more to say about this at this moment as it is purely speculations.

The truth is that Jan is wise using his skills from his Carl Hamilton books here as it keeps the tension up and keeps the reader hooked to the awkward story and funny happenings he sometimes presents us – and without his cold seriousness it would end up being a comedy instead of a popular and enjoyable crusade.

I am looking forward to read the later books and also watch the movies.

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