mandag, april 02, 2007

The Da Vinci Code Extended Version (movie)

I didn't read the book and I have no plans to do so either. But this means that I have no real idea whether Dan Brown actually writes any good or not.

This movie however is a sad affair, unless you are about 6 years old, you will not find much tension or drive in the story.

Come on. Secret societies using unscrambled cell phones? And not tracing others using cell phones? Naaaah.

The main problem with this movie is however that the most interesting moments is when the mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s picture is explained. The actors are not allowed to portrait the rolls with any personality, which turns Tom Hanks into a dull and boring character. Even the policeman Fache has no personality and the only one that keeps us a bit entertained is Silas.

Basically the story and the drive is not really there and I just feel like I have been wasting my time.

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