mandag, april 02, 2007

Reunion party

The old(???) guys from children school came together the other weekend and celebrated some kind of reunion party. At that time we where only 6 people so it wasn't too much a hassle to organize.

And yet it became a hit. A good time to remember the old times when one was childish (because I am not childish at all nowadays ;) naaaah) and did a lot of strange stuff that children does.

It in turn lead to a friend coming over on Monday after to put up come C64s and played some of the old games that we used to play. Quite amazing how bad these games really are, but they kept us playing for hours and hours back then.

We went through the old classics: World Games - The weight lifting is a real classic. Winter Games - The Biathlon is pretty cool. Not to forget the Epyx song. My oh my.

It also lead to this habit to eat IFA pastilles again at least for that week.

Later I installed a C64 emulator by another friend and we had a shot at some other classics like: Terry's Big Adventure, Hopping Mad and the crazy Olympic Skier. Nice fun!

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