lørdag, april 28, 2007

First Impression - Nintendo DS lite (hardware)

Supposedly I needed to get some new toys. It became a Nintendo DS which I am totally in love with. Its hard to say what it is, but this little device has everything it needs to become an ultimate playing device. Is it the touch screen? Is it the built in mic and WLAN?

I think of all it is Nintendo. Nintendo has years on the back of tuning in the gameplay experience. The target Nintendo player is a lot younger than those of PSP and therefore the games available usually are a bit more childish than on its competitor.

This is where Nintendo does it things best. Nintendo "lends" (to put it in a nice way )its expertise to the game developers to make sure that every game released on a Nintendo system will give us the ultimate experience. Overall this works pretty well.

Come to think of it, back in the days when Nintendo released Gameboy with a dull monochrome screen, Atari gave us the Lynx with 4096 colors (just as many as on a Amiga system). While many people still remember Atari with good memories, truth is whatever games are sold as Atari Classics today - they are just mostly a bunch of crap. Lynx games was crap and people preferred to play Mario on a monochrome screen - for a long time. Even the GB color was not a such a improvement and it was not until the GBA that we got some decent color handheld gaming.

And this is why Nintendo can release so called inferior HW systems and still win our hearths. For the first the Nintendo DS Lite is quite ultimate in many ways, the ways Nintendo reinvent the gaming experience for us. For an old time gaming Mongol like me it makes my heart soft as butter(flies) and I hardly can put my DS away at all.

I defiantly want to write some more about the games later, but for now.....

We will finish up with the downside: As I kind of mentioned earlier the lack of propher adult games, meaning fighting, beating is a bit weak. Yes there is a few but they are lacking. The other thing is that 3D gfx can be a bit dull.

But as we know - gaming is all about the pleasure and that’s what it is


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