mandag, april 02, 2007

Jade Empire (game)

Just as I was talking about the perfect beat-em-up - something quite close to it arrives in my hands. I am impressed with Bioware - they deliver quality games almost all the time. They have ripped out the D&D backbone of the engine and swapped it out with a lovely arcade style Martial Arts.

It works so well - I honestly have to admit I am hooked. It is not like the ultimate beat-em-up with Tekken 5 as described earlier but this is as close as you can get. It is almost like heaven ;) And with the RPG element on top of that - this is a game you simply gotta love.

Not any bad sides? Well in one it reminds me a lot of KOTOR, but that’s just good. Other than that I think he fighting should have been more sophisticated with a lot more moves and such - and maybe given us more health so that we could have had longer fights - (best of 3 anyone??)

One can hardly understand what kind of work it is to put together a game like this. Then again to imagine all the testing that is needed to make a game like this flow like the wind. Luckily this has been converted to PC from console so we know we don’t have to deal with all the bugs – as it still is so that console games has to be almost bug-free before release. With all the live-content of nowadays consoles that might not last for long.

I really hope Bioware will continue to improve this formula and make a Jade Empire 2 very soon - and why not a KOTOR 3 at the same time???

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