mandag, april 02, 2007

Demon Stone (game)

I actually find this game fun. I do like beat-em ups and this slash-em up is quite enjoyable. It is much like the Lord Of The Rings one and I think that is its biggest weakness - that it doesn’t feel unique enough.

I think of the prefect beat-em up this way: You take Tekken 5 and give you the possible to walk around and explore and beat up whoever comes your way. Why doesn't anyone make anything like this.

Compared to this Demon Stone can not reach up. There simply is to many monster and to much push the same button over and over again. So it shortly falls down in the pit. The game is also quite short and I understand why - you simply can't enjoy it any longer than that.

Probably not worth any cash - better do the Lord Of The Rings one.

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