lørdag, april 28, 2007

Upcoming Stuff

Beside the fact that spring is here and all the joys of the upcoming summer - whatever enjoyable surprises it will bring; I have a few "nerdy" things that are thrilling me.

First up is a few things from Bioware. After finishing the excellent Jade Empire (without a doubt one of the best games ever!) I found out that the game Mass Effect is coming pretty soon. (Something to play on rainy days??) Mass Effect is said to be a KOTOR style game with all the Star Wars association removed - so defiantly a winner.

Then we have KOTOR 3. There are mostly rumors and no verified info about this. Some people thinks that Mass Effect is what was supposed to be KOTOR 3. Some says that it will be made after Mass Effect either by Bioware or Obsidian. I don't really know, but after Jade Empire I can not wait!

NWN2 expansion - The first expansion to Never Winter Nights 2 is also something to look forward to. This expansion will continue where NWN2 finished and let us do all that high level D&D stuff.

Zelda on DS - Finally the DS will get its own Zelda game, expect it to be: awesome.

Smashing Pumpkins with a new record. 7. July we expect to get a new record from Smashing Pumpkins. While I am not expecting a new "Siamese Dream" - this can be the beginning of something nice.

Live Free or Die Hard - I just hope the forth Die Hard movie will be awesome and conclude the series with a BANG.

Spiderman 3 - I expect this one to be even better than number 2. Or so I hope.

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