tirsdag, mars 21, 2006

Gorbie action

It is rumored that some evil monk stole the Skull of Gorbie and left for a long and evil pilgrimage in Europe. For unknown reasons one of the stops was at Murphys in Maastricht during Carnival 2003.

The skull of Gorbie has many unique qualities and is very powerful. Soon Gorbie took control over the evil monk and started to live an evil and tempting life of his own – a little similar to the skull in Escape to Monkey Island.

But way more evil.

Gorbie is the skull that contains eternal amounts of Vodka. And with this he tempts all crazy people in carnival to fall under his spell.

We do not know much about what happens next – but we have some pictures that might lead you to a better understanding.

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Book)

My second Murakami book. This one is a bit more focused than Kafka on the Shores. This time there is two separate stories. The first story takes place in the real world, I would characterize it as Cyber Punk - even if only slightly. The other story takes place in the main character mind (we do not know this until later – but we are constantly given hints) And therefore I classify the whole book as very good Cyber Punk

Again Murakami tells us a modern fairly tale. But unlike Kafka on the shores, this one starts off with the surrealistic stuff straight of the bat.

Except for being a tale of a man, having a separate world in his mind Murakami again brings up the issue of love crossing physical boundaries as well as the question about: “What makes a meaningful life?”

I have not read anymore Murakami books but I would guess these are reoccurring themes in Murakami books?

The books also touches the 1984 essential question: What if both the good side and the bad side is controlled by the same entity?

Also again Murakami shows us that he has excellent cultural knowledge though his inclusion of musical, literal and film references.

Again a great book – and I feel it will be more Murakami on me.

Kafka on the shores (Book)

This is the first Haruki Murakami book I have read. So I had no idea of what to expect. I mean I got two Murakami books for Christmas so some kind of hint it was: “This is something you outta read”

So there I am reading. Two main stories with several sub-plots merging together. A book who tells of these worlds as a surrealistic place – coexisting with modern spirits?? and other worlds. Basically it is a modern fairy tale - mixing many different writing styles and telling styles.

The book starts up rather innocent. The story is concise and forward, and Murakami does not waste words. And the more you get hooked into the story – the weirder it gets. The slower it gets.

It is not so easy to keep an eye on what it is really about. But for sure it is about growing up. – And all the confusion it can make. In this book it is taken as far as the full Oedipus complex – all the way.

It is also about love. Love that crosses any boundary like time, place, reality, good and evil.

One thing that is very important in the bi-plots is the questioning of what is a meaningful life. What makes a good life, what makes a meaningless life and what to do to get more meaning in life.

The story goes slower as closer to the end we get. In fact the last 200 pages is a long, slow climax. And yet you can hardly put the book away because you are hooked.

And therefore, even if the end concludes the main plots, and some sub-plots in away, there is no real conclusion, you don’t really mind as you are exhausted of Murakami play with your mind.

All in all it’s a good book. And I had nothing better to do than start reading the next one.

lørdag, mars 04, 2006

Last ones

And then some

Even More Carnival Pictures

More Carnival Pics

Carnival 2006

The art to get totally wild, totally drunk and have shitloads of fun for 5 days in a row: Just another perfect carnival!

I still can remember my first Carnival in 2001 and how surprised I was that it is in fact possible to turn a whole town upside down and just throw an enormous party – a party for everyone – a party where everyone get dressed up- listens to dutch carnival music and eats dutch fast-food.

The 5th time around, we were plenty of Norwegians new and old that joined together for this craziness. We join in with some of our friends in the Netherlands. We did our best to make everything as hilarious, crazy as possible.

There is not much more to say about this one – the pictures talk their own language.