onsdag, desember 22, 2010

End of the year summary - 2010

Yes this is pretty much a dead Blog, but why not, all blogs has to die at some point?

Anyway this has been the big 3D year, or at least the runner up to something that will hopefully become the 3D year. Did you know that I have waited 2/3 of my life on proper 3D? Ha ha. Anyway, the movie that changed it all, we all know is Avatar. A movie which when i presented in 3D is stunning and breath taking so dice 6 for visual, but the story, yeah the story sucks. A friend of mine was mocking me earlier, before I got the chance to see it myself, about my fondness of fantasy and sci-fi. My friend was telling met hat he needed real stories, that felt real, that dragged you into the universe, like Avatar. But to be honest, the story in Avatar is the worst ever, it doesn’t even deserve 1 on the dice. If you can not see it because you just look at the colours flying by, see the movie on an old CRT screen with no 3D, then you will understand. Sorry people, but Avatar is only a gimmick. I did have the chance to check out some of the new 3D TVs the other day, I was pretty disappointed. I had a setup years ago which were much better than this, I just wish progress for mainstream will not be of poor quality and pretty much kill the excellent potential in 3D (again).

Then what really thrilled met his year was the purchase of the Kindle 2, only a week before Kindle 3 became the new thing. Finally an ebook that is better to read than a traditional book. Needless to say it can also have magazines, newspapers, travel documents, PDFs, reference books as well as any book you want at any time, anywhere in the world. So, many hours, many nights and days have been spent on my new favourite gadget. I just cant wait for Kindle 4.

The IPAD however, no matter how sexy it is has only one problem for me, what will I use it for. The closed iOS just doesn’t cut it and the Macbook Air is the option I have to og for. In fact I have upgraded my iphone 3GS to iOS4 and I have regretted it ever since, what a buggy upgrade, what stupid solutions to folders and multitasking. Its not only weak, its crap. Please Steve Jobs, open up iOS! Open it up and get rid of those bugs and get some better solutions in it.

Last but not least, my first book is on the way out, I am not sure it will be ready for online sale in this year or early next year. Bur watch out, even if its in Norwegian – you need it.

Of course I do wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may 2011 be the year of iOS5, Iphone 5, 3D everywhere and Kindle 4!