torsdag, april 17, 2008

The Gutter Twins (concert)

This is a hobby band of Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan and at the same time this is nothing else than a Supergroup.

From The Agfhan Wigs, The Twilight Sisters into Screaming Trees you know it will be good. Supergroups are a strange phenomena since sometimes they deliver and sometimes they don’t. This time I can assure you that The Gutter Twin does.
Mark and Greg have been working together since 2000 or something like that. And some of use (like me) has been waiting both for the album and to see them live as The Gutter Twins.

I was very excited and happy to see that they combine their musical taste and make some truly nice Sub Pop branded music ;) While I still miss the original big band I acknowledge the world constant desire to change and sometime for something good. While sometimes the songs feel slightly “fast” put together they are not really so, its just that they put more emphasis on voice than before.

I ended up buying the new album and right now this weekend it will be constantly on my ear.

I hope The Gutter Twins will be a success and that Mark and Greg will continue to work together because I know they have a lot more and even better to deliver!

Freeshine (concert)

I was so lucky to witness a special event with the upcoming Freeshine and the new music video “To Kill a Child”.

Fresshine plays really well, it is some kind of muddy rock that we just like and fall into straight away. One can feel inspiration from blues and jazz but without ever converting into these styles.

Problem is? Is saw them in the same place I saw kakka madafaka and the same problem with sound arised. This time I am even sure that the sound mix was done alright so the lousy sound is purely up to shit equipment and/or the bad sound qulaities of the hall. So bad in fact I had to leave the concert.

I Really hope to get the chance to see Freeshine again somewhere else soon. Also they have a new album out called “All blood is royal” which I am thinking about getting. So maybe you should as well?

Sleuth (movie)

This movie surprised me hard. Even if it is obviously based on a play it is just so fresh and well made. Camera angels are constantly daring to express more. The actors Judge Law and Michael Caine are giving us the best of acting. The spoken lines are constantly fresh and intriguing. Yes this is a movie that shows us what moving media is all about!
So should I just tell you to go out and get it? Yes

But wait! Is it more? Yes, this movie is a remake of a 1972 movie starring (surprise) none other than Michael Caine however at that time he had the same role as Judge Law has now. My thoughts go back to the movie “Alfie” which also an Michael Caine original starring Judge Law in the remake. Unlike “Alfie”, “Slueth” I a refreshing movie that deserves a remake.

But there is also the problem all remakes faces – how and why to improve on a classic piece. Because the 1972 Sleuth is quite a magnificent piece of a movie. It builds up a little bit slower and the language is a bit softer. But it still has quite a challenging setup and the story goes deeper and includes more meat on the bone in the history telling us more about “why” things are like this. It is also hard to know that this one is based on a play. Its all based on games, games and games.

In the remake the surroundings has less soul and we are presented a high tech monster of a place, although smaller than the original. It has fast pace and an is putting us constantly on the edge – but then there is something odd. For some strange reason they have chosen not remake the third act into something completely different. While the original third act keeps building up where the previous left of the new third act leaves us with a strange taste in our mouth.

It is hard to understand why? Its like the third act stumbles tries to be something that it can not be, and the end is therefore a bit abrupt because we are simply not told why things go like this. But also it is hard to understand because the original third act is the best piece of “Sleuth” there is and makes a perfect ending.

I do love the fast pace and everything else so no matter what – it is two classic movies for you to see straight away.

The Mist (movie)

From the moment this movie starts we know we are in for a treat. It just starts of in an unusual and creepy building matter. This keeps going until the first time we actually see the enemy.

The first sight of what hides in The Mist is somewhat a let down because it gives us visual with the threat. If you have seen Signs you know what I mean. It is a lot more terrifying with an unknown enemy than one that has been identified, and the Mist is a real good way to hide the enemy.

There is also another oddity: The camera is somewhat following “The Dogma” lo-end cam and this is really a brilliant move but is somewhat ridiculous when you add nicely computer animated enemies.

For the story to unfold it is necessary to reveal the identity of our fear.

Building up fear with a viewer can be a real hard task and while (as I said before) the movie does this pretty good at times there are also fallout periods. Marcia Gay Hardens role as Mrs. Carmody is rather irritating and while I understand what they try to say – I think it is kind of storytelling like Evil Dead (while this is funny it also gives the movie a special character) – and I think maybe the mix gives the movie some kind of identity problem.

The end is excellent! It reminds me a bit of the beginning of the movie Azumi. Some people might not like it but I find the impact so hard that the message of what they are trying to say will reach out there.

In other words: This movie is no “The Shining” but it has elements at times that glimpses up there. Defiantly worth watching.

torsdag, april 03, 2008

Garmin Nüvi 360 (hardware)

I’ve had the pleasure (not really) to play around with the Garmin Nüvi 360 for a while so that I could make up my mind if I wanted to buy something like this.

Previously to this I had been used to TomTom Version 5. While I think TomTom 5 gives me all the options I need, I do see reasons to progress further.

Garmin was a really unpleasant experience. Yes I know a lot of people that prefer Garmin before TomTom – and I honestly do not understand why?

Of course it has something to do with what you are used to.. For example I think its perfectly ok to use three hours extra to get home because it constantly keeps guiding you in the wrong direction?

The fact that I get confused by the interface and keep having problems getting things done can have something to do with being unused with the unit.

I like the possibility of having Bluetooth connected to my cell phone but the sound quality is no good so it can only be used as an emergency solution.

After using it for a while I have gotten kind of used to it (as we always does) and I am kind of friendlier to it. It does have some nice touches and it gets whatever it is not able to done.

My problem is in the end that what I want is TomTom 920T and it is a bit expensive… so if I can not get that then should I go for something less than the best…?? Ahhh don’t think so….

Vanity Point (movie)

I don’t think people can fully understand the difficulties with creating a concept movie. Concept movies are usually challenges in ways of expression with moving media.

Because of the hard and dedicated works that usually are put in, it will often succeed. While creative directors might solve the challenge in a special fashion way, Hollywood productions tend to use fast paced action as the solvent.

To understand what I am talking about I can mention a movie like ”Phone Boot”.

Problem is while the movie successfully proves the concept it will never ever be able to rise up to be a great movie. I think this is part because of the action solvent but also because a concept story never (or hardly never) work well enough.

Vanity Points starts off as something like a concept movie, nothing really new but we are presented into the story from several angels. Several people. For every story told we are unfolding a little bit more of the mystery.

But not only that… perspective is slightly changed during the stories and In an odd way I think they think (sic?) that the audience are stupider than they really are.

After the introduction the story continues without the odd story telling angle and in more traditional ways.

The worst part however is the ending. Pure luck of circumstances solves the crime. Come one, you can do better than that…

The acting are mostly B – rated but such could have been forgiven easily if the concept worked. But as you might understand this movie is just half a concept movie and then half an action movie.

Failing somehow to keep up the promise its starts off with.


I never thought you would tell me to leave you alone
I never thought our days would ever be gone
I never saw you enter that door
I never thought you to be gone

´cause the day I meet you I knew it would be us
we would share ours hearts and live like one

we are bound together carrying white wings

I never thought you would tell me to leave you alone
I never thought our days would ever be gone
I never saw you enter that door
I never thought you to be gone

´cause the day I meet you I knew it would be us
we would share ours hearts and live like one

Give your hearts - stand together
Give your hearts - stand together

The wind blows across the oak tree
And the flowers in the garden

I never saw you enter that door
(And came back home)