onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Carnival 2008

Again it was time for Carnival and a lot of fun. This year I was surprised to see that the amount of Norwegians (and also Swedes this time!!!) had increased a lot.

Except for that it was the usual fun and madness. I am not putting out any piccies this time, but if you are interested in those just get in thouch with me.

Kakkmaddafakka (concert)

I was a little surprised by this band as there are several friends of mine that think they are good and still I saw none of my own agegroup at the concert. Why might I wonder – is there something I missed?? ;)

The band certainly puts on a good show. You can see that everybody on stage is having fun and the choir is so active with movements that they steal half the show.

This easily amused the crowd: it is not often you see a band that knows their audience so well. It is a show where everybody is a part of the stage and the hall is vibrating of fun.

So I know what you are thinking – what is the catch? Well sound quality was awful like porridge – so I actually left the concert before it was over. I can not stand band sound.

I have been in concerts in the same hall before so I think this is the returning problem of fresh new bands that they have some lousy soundmixer that thinks he is cool but in reality kills the whole band.

We will give it a chance to progress for a new concert sometime later.

Resident Evil – Extinction (movie)

I am not quite sure what to say about this. I have enjoyed the previous movies as they are not trying to be anything more than they are. Mindless action and effects. And of course Milla driving the movies further.

This time we have a different take. A movie that tries to be something like Mad Max 2 and Waterworld but without the acting (except Milla) and directing skills that are needed to drive more plot.

So what we get is a bit slower movie that tries to build tension, thrill without the same amount of action.

Good or bad? While changes sometimes can be good I think that they fail in several places and therefore this is the weakest of the movies – but misunderstand me the right way – it is not a complete failure, you can still enjoy it.

Death at a funeral (Movie)

To make this movie funny they have used all the cheap tricks they can, swearing, drugs, sex, poo and so on. You get the picture.

Now, cheap use of these tricks will easily ruin a movie or make it some kind of cult classic. Except for some unjust swearing Death at a funeral does integrate these things pretty well and most of the time you don’t even notice.

Because it’s really funny, but also cleverly done. Excellent actors , scripting and cutting leads to: fun. Even the poo scene is so well done you do not well uneasy as you often would do.

One to watch.

Jo Nesbø – Snowman (book)

He is back. The Snowman. But why? Because it is winter. ;)

Jo did it again, made a masterpiece of a book. I don´t think it is his best, but its all up there on the top. I have to admit since I have been reading a lot of him lately that I kind of know his style now and he fails to surprise me anymore.

Spoiled maybe?

The theme is about unfaithfulness and all that it leads to. In the book he claims that 15-20% of all children does not know who their real father is. That’s an awful lot and I would like to see this number verified because if so it shows quite a lot about – hmm –yeah – unfaithfulness.

In many ways this book is tighter scripted than his earlier books – together with the actual theme and the scary snowman this book is at times close to become a thriller.

And it feels good….

Finn Kalvik (Private Concert)

I somehow became so lucky that I was filming one of Film Kalviks private concerts last year.

Now one can have many meanings about Finn, both his personality as well as his music.

But no matter what, he does a have a few good songs. And when I was sitting long and short nights to cut it all together I had to listen to a lot of Finn Kalvik and slowly his songs went underneath my nails and skin.

And I have to admit that there are several songs that has more to it than the first sound might reveal…

Anyway the concert was tad short for the price so even if it was a good show, he should have played twice as long.