torsdag, desember 14, 2006

Pictures from England

You can find pictures from the trip


The night before Christmas (festival)

We needed a few days to warm up to good festival spirits. So already on wednesday we landed at Saslisbury to check out the food and beer. It was my first time in the UK so it was exciting in several ways.

England is quite a nice place. Reminds me of Postman Pat on children television. People are friendly, beer is good and food is better.

Next day we started with a proper English breakfast. Then we went to see the Sailsbury Cathedral. Its not like I have a thing for these - I think I rather go for a castle. At least now I have seen the Magna Carta. Later same day we went to see Stonehedge, some stones gathered around. The weird things with these ruins is that they are placed in such a way it looks different form various angles. From the enterance it looks like really boring ruins, from the other side it looks like the full operational Stonehenge. Is this a trick or ?

Then of course it was time for the Stonehedge chocolate and lollipop. Huh huh
We slept over in Bath. We had a great pot roasted pheasant. Then moved into the family facilities of Butlins in Minehead.

Yes they have traffic lights for cows and warning signs for disabled people. It is just so cute.

Iggy put on a show like no other. He plays his concert like there is no tomorrow. Like it is his first concert ever. It is like he is saying: “I am Iggy and I am 19 years forever”

He points at the crowd and tries to convince us with “I am you” while he almost looses his pants and stagedives onto us. “I am you”

And so you think: “I wanna be like Iggy.” So you think how impressive it is to display a show like every one is the first. Like any other grand or small concert you have seen is actually just a boring copy, a rutine of the last one and the concert before there again.

And so you think: “I just wanna be your dog”

Sonic Youth also put on one of they’re best shows ever, two days in a row. And so we knew that this trip and this festival was all good. Everything was worth the trip. Sonic nurses and sonic noise have never been so good. Thank you Sonic Youth to let me see you again. I hope again some time that I will have the chance to redo that. ;)

While the Dinosaur Jr concert I went to see in Stockholm sucked big time, it was like the Swedish papers said: “It is like Gandalf and Frodo without an magic”, this time around it seems that the dinosaurs have gotten some of its old magic back and it feels like the pain of everyone.

Then I feel nothing.

The Dinosaurs are one of my favorite bands and seeing two overall good performances with them gave me hope back. They also played a new song – so maybe they are even releasing a new record?

Now if they just could be friends…

Other than that we saw a few lesser known bands like Gang of four and Six organs of admittance. We stood in queues a lot and we had our first “fish n chips” which I found really nice as well.

Looking forward to see England again. Pictures is to come...

Nils Petter Molvær (concert)

This was a silly concert. I do sometimes like to listen to jazz like this. Jazz that takes a piece of the mystic and traditional Norwegian soul and makes it into a journey. But to be honest seeing Nils live was a disappointment.

I rather listen to his CD. It Is a better experience in every way.

James Bond Casino Royale (film)

Every time there is a new James Bond there is a lot of tension in the first movie. It is usually like: if the movie fails the James Bond franchise is in danger.

Therefore they brought in the director from Goldeneye to ensure success.
Earlier there has also been similar attempts on creating a darker Bond more like the one in Ian Flemming’s books. Most noticeably the failure with George Lazenby.
This time however they have gone to the roots and made something of a Dr. No killer.

They step away from a lot of the Bondiness that was created for the films and is not from Ian Flemmings mind.

One shouldn’t be surprised that it works. It is just the fact that we have gotten used to something else? Truth is it works so well. With such an impact 2:24 seems like an hour and a half. Even when you see it second time.

It is really enjoyable to see that James Bond takes damage and has his face full of bruises. And the rest is just pure enjoyment as well. Best line is: “That's because you know what I can do with my little finger”

The weak point is that the story is totally weak as well as the end. But who cares. This is one of the best bond movies ever. You have a license to see it now.

Oooops, no winter…

Well I was wrong, winter is not here. It is soon Christmas and temperature is still high. No snow. And animal life is believing in a new summer. It is all weird – but I do think the snow will be here soon. But will it be in time for a white Christmas?