fredag, november 03, 2006

Winter is here again.

Snow is again around us in Oslo and winter is here again. It is kinda beatyful so its easy to forget all the trouble it causes for traffic (including one of Bruce Bringsteen’s trailers…) huh huh

Ill try to get some pictures on here one of the days…

Million Dollar Baby (movie)

I’ve been a big fan of Clint Eastwood as long as I can remember. His movies includes both a lot of classics as well as a few turkey ones. Unlike a lot of you I was deeply disappointed with Mystic River so I waited a long time before my sister “tricked” me into seeing this one.

But as It is said so many times: the one that waits – waits for something good.
And so it is that Million Dollar Babe is up there among Clint’s finest ever. It is obvious that Clint and Morgan is having an explended time while shooting this. And so is it that this movie is a fun, interesting movie that hits you where you need it.
In fact all the punches, all the violence that Cllint has given us on the big screen up till now has now been gathered into the fist of a girl. And what a fist – a million dollar fist – a million dollar babe.

Now this movie could easily been a great boxing movie and nothing more. And a lot of people I think would feel ok with that. But it is so that this movie is also deeper than the numerous punch lines.

And so Clint is taking the time to tell us some more in all the enjoyment.
Another one for everybody to watch.

Volver (movie)

A good movie is a pleasure – something that is oh so easy to forget because there is not really that many movies that are a pleasure. Volver is a gem – one of those moments when you forget yourself and just enjoy.

Not so that Volver is brainless. No way. In fact it puts it finger on some really important issues but at the same time its such an cute comedy. And as you understand in 99% of the times this wouldn’t be possible – to make a movie which is both deep, funny and cozy.

I don’t think I should say much more about this movie – as it is one that everybody should watch no matter what and you’ll understand what I mean.