tirsdag, april 25, 2006

Dum Dum Boys – Gravitasjon (Music Album)

Dum Dum Boys is the kind of music we used to listen to on the schoolbus on the way to Junior High. It’s one of the four great in Norwegian rock. It was their album “Pstereo” which was made for the movie classic “Death at Oslo S.

Then one day the adventure was over. Dum Dum Boys was over – until they reunion (again one of these bands—he he) and released the new album – “Gravitasjon”

So just like many other fans I like to get a hand on this album and see if it can live up to the old standard. Yes and no. A few songs – especially “Enhjørning” is totally the way we like it and at the same time – new and refreshing.

The overall sound of the album is rough – in many way it sounds more like the hobby project Racer. Of course the songs do include soundelements from all Dum Dum Boy’s albums. Its just the rough mastering that make all sounds kinda mix like porridge. The other things is that some of the songs seems a bit to little well done – to less produced and in fact: Unfinished.

So the verdict ?

A few nice and enjoyable songs but quite a few disappointments as well.

V for Vendetta (Film)

Of course I thought this would be a magnificent masterpiece of an actionflick.

But it turns out this is not an actionmovie at all. In fact it’s a theatrical drama to the extreme. V’s mask just puts it all in place.

Now I think I have said something about theatrical dramas – that I don’t really like it.

This does not apply for V for Vendetta. In fact its one of the best (and also important) movies I have seen for a long time.

Every scene is extremely well crafted. Even if V is wearing a mask the light, sound and speech is always full of feeling so we always know what emotions are displayed. It’s almost like the mask is changing faces as well – if this is the case or just imagination I don’t know – that’s something to look for at second view.

The dialogue is of course 100% theatrical as well and indeed a bit hard to follow at times.

The acting is again extremely well and that’s what to expect from a galactic princess (Natalie Portman) – huh huh. And the story is inspired of 1984ish tales – a totalitarian country where things have gone all wrong and everything is controlled and suppressed. And the revolution – the fight against it.

And so it turns out that this is a magnificent masterpiece!

tirsdag, april 18, 2006

Knutsen og Ludvigsen (concert)

I have been once at Knutsen og Ludvigsen before. This was when I was a little child and wandering the streets of Trondheim.

Knutsen og Ludvigsen in its core is children music. How come they now have a concert at Rockefeller with 18 years and beer serving?

Because it is cult. It is children music that hits the child in us all.

On stage they remind me (again) of the review that was made of the Dinosaur JR concert we went to in Stockholm. The fact is Knutsen og Ludvigsen is old by now and looks more like Gandalf and Frodo on stage.

Unlike Dinosaur JR the performance was lighting and probably just as good as in the golden years.

Everybody joined in on the songs. And the extras ended in a final with “Kanskje kommer Kongen” that hit the roof.

If you haven’t seen them yet: Pray for them to do another concert and go there!

Kaiser Chiefs (concert)

Oh well. Supposed to be the best live band in Britain. I don’t understand why. Must have been a mediocre night.

My sister. Up to date as she might be – invited us over for this concert.

The light show was extremely effective, but when you use it constantly it becomes a bore. Flashing lights that hurts you eye and you cant see what happens on stage. And for all epileptic people this must be the place to be.. Ha ha

Some good songs, but the performances were again as I said before – mediocre and uninspired and reminded me a bit of the Dinosaur JR concert I was at in Stockholm.

Maybe not the worst actually was that it lasted only for an hour. No in many ways that was a relief but still. I feel for the price of a ticket a band should play about 2 hours. (Yes Raga Rockers is excused here )

As you see it was a bummer….

My first flower

Believe it or not I actually got myself my first flower. I never liked to have flowers myself. But life changes and suddenly I find a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_(plant)
Stuck at my place.. he he. We will se how long I can keep it alive..

But the strangest thing is – I want more flowers…

More and more and more…

mandag, april 17, 2006

TPD - Pictorama

The Perfect Day (film)

Oh no, this is not another movie review. In fact this is the movie our film group made as a “exam” of Oslo Film School.

Against recommendations we opted for non specialized areas of responsibilities. Yes, we did choose Pernille as the Team Leader, as without one point of responsibility and co-ordination things would be pretty much chaos. For the rest the 5 of us swapped roles and participated as manus writers, directors, actors, camera, light, location, makeup, clothing etc.

But hey, there is more. We also defied recommended script length and number of locations… and so on and so on…

We “hired” two external actors for the price of…. Zero. As well as involved a few other people here and there.

This was the perfect cocktail for a perfect mess for the perfect day.

And so we all got to learn loads about directing, editing, light, sound, camera, manus writing, locations, managing, etc

We did tons of mistakes, but we learned how to best compensate them and correct them.

And a child was born…. And it was not Jesus. It was a short-movie of 17 minutes and 36 seconds.

A movie about girl-power. About men drinking beer and watching TV. About people cheating on the welfare system. About getting things right… and so on.

So again we went again recommendations and made a movie with not only one plot but a few underlying sub-pots.. huh huh huhh

And we are all quite happy about it. It was good fun, and a good school to go. Our actors did a magnificent job to portrait the role figures.

And so we finished it all in a almost legendary release party at Pernille's.

Now we are working on the Special Edition DVD with subtitles, better sound, better cut, the documentary and loads of other extras.

Definitely a movie you should see!

Easter is over

The best things to do after working night and day (dreaming about it, worrying) with a movie is vacation. Relaxing.

Bring the Easter on.

So I went to Skien for Easter. To enjoy days going by with good food and reading a book.
And of course loads of Crime Series and movies on TV.

It might not be too much skiing and Kvikk Lunch and oranges. But that just have to wait till next Easter.

So back home. And back to work..

Huh huh huh

onsdag, april 05, 2006

Oslo Filmschool is over

Finaly (??) Oslo filmschool is over. Has indeed been a busy time. Our movie The Perfect Day is finished and soon life can go back to normal (?).

I will give more updates when I have more time

- C