mandag, september 08, 2008

Once (movie)

This is a movie about those things that happens in life, during a summer brake, a travel, a short moment of time when you meet someone and something special happens. Something that lasts only for a brief moment of time but still lasts forever; hence the title: Once.

In addition to that there is a strong musical element in it, not as forward as in The Commitments but probably even more beautiful. The actors are not actors but musicians but this somehow makes it all more belivable.

Enjoyable to say at least, and one to make us all remember what “once” happened.

Rogue Assassin (movie)

The promise of this movie is gigantic and that is often the first reason to fear a failure. Rouge Assassin is not a failure, it’s quite an entertaining even. I think of movies like Black Rain and Yakuza.

The failure lies in the fact that you have two extremely good martial arts actors performing almost no martial arts at all. What a complete waste! I would rather go and see Kiss of the dragon or Crank to be honest.

Drammen Elvefestival (festival)

Dum Dum Boys
Deliveres the hard stuff as usual. An exploding concert that delivers what we want. Backdraw is that they play way to much of the new stuff. Do they not realize that many of the fans it there just to listen to the waste ocean of old classics? A bit egoistic to play half the time new songs when there is a limited time Festival gig I think.
The good thing is that they are playing really well nowadays and that soon there will be a new album release! Be prepared!

Lene Marlin
Lene Marlin is what often referred to as a one hit wonder. She did her amazing hit that also went outside Norway and yet today she still surfs her fame on this. No matter what one thinks she is an ok artist so watching her is not a waste of time but a ok warming up.

Knutsen og Ludvigsen
Last time I saw them I had such a funny time and you can find my thoughts about it if earlier in my blog. This time however we can obviously see that they have been playing together again for a while which means that they have found some of that old magic back. While previously when I saw them they were like to separate entities that shared one fame and didn’t quite know how to take it. (Much like seeing Dinusaur JR on stage nowadays). This time they have put the fun back into business and the stage show is full of jokes and we can see that they enjoy them self even more than we do.
They start of slow and before long everybody is hooked. Totally even without being fans. This is what we call: magic – enthralling! 10 points to Knutsen and Ludvigsen

Young Neils
Having had the pleasure to see Neil Young himself earlier this year it is good to add on with a Young Neils concert as this is the next best thing. The gig time is just way to short to play all these magnificent songs and one has to add up with a little Cortez the Killer back home! It´s all great fun and great pleasures for body and ear.

I was really impressed. They played awesome and delivered probably the best show of the whole festival. Of course I enjoyed other bands more, but this my friend is a performance you just don’t want to miss, even if you do not like the band too much. They give it all and rock up all the songs to feel really live.

Even though Madcon has some awesome songs that are sailing far beyond the borders of Norway, even though the scene show they deliver is one where they give everything, even though, they kind of disappoint me. Why? Because they lack the routine and perfectionism needed to support a live show with the sound and professionalism needed to get me hooked. Never the less this is something they will get if they manage to stick together.
So we will see in the future.

Blade Runner – Final Cut (movie)

There are so many versions of this movie that a lot of people are debating whether or not there is a need for just another cut. To be true there is not a lot of extra content or changes that justifies this. This is more a matter of cosmetics, and the reasons of the different versions each has its history. I think that alone speaks more about The Movie Industry than anything else, also maybe because the movie is such a classic that it can get away with remakes and fiddling to get to the perfect result, which should have been the initial theatric release.

To be honest though I have watched this movie many times and also read the book, but there has always been elements that I have not understood. Seeing the Final Cut most of these things have finally become clear to me! And I am very happy about that.
I also think that the paste of this cut is more right, sometimes slower, sometimes more nervous and it all feels more right.

There is a fundemental SCI-FI question that returns in Phillip K. Dicks writing and that is the one about the difference between man and machine. This issue is also returning in several other movies and novels and seem to be a troublesome one for humans. I think it is more for men than women as men always had a tendencies to “give” their machines a human touch, typically female ones.

So is Harrison Ford a replicant? I do not think he is, but I agree that the question is an open one and the whole drama of not knowing gives the movie just that extra touch.

The same is evident in Battlestar Galactica where this is taken even further.

I like this version and I think this is the one you should see.

Battlestar Galactica (reimaged) – Season 1 – 3 (TV series)

I did not have a lot of expectation to this series as I thought it would be some kind of second-rate experience. I was so wrong. This series is just so well made. It starts with the great way they have assembled the intro and you know instantly that you are up for a treat.

BG does it all right. It plays along in a Sci-Fi environment where the very human race is at risk attacked by the very Cyclones that humans created. The Cyclones has evolved and looks just like humans down to the cell level.

But it does not stop there is a sexual overtunes in the series and our favorite promiscuous doctor gets more women than any and even the Cyclones women. And the Cyclone models even fall in love with him, even when he screws around with other women.

There are space fights, internal fights, love, hate, and all the other things. It is hard to exactly pin down what makes this series great. But it is, the cutting, the suspense, the acting and so on. It is just one of the best SCI-FIs out there. You will need to watch it.

After watching these episodes I just keep missing more of them, season 4 here I come.

Batman - The Dark Knight (movie)

I have been Batman and cartoon fan since I was a kid. In the older days it is not so much of course but still I have a strong feeling about it. When the first Batman movie came out it was to great disappointment to me. Later now, it is obvious that it is not such a bad movie. Jack Nicholson does an almost perfect job at the Joker, problem is rest of the movie stinks of second and third rate acting. The other problem is that The Joker is Batmans nemesis and they can only exist with each other, and therefore The Joker cannot be killed.

Unless on the big picture, right? Kill your arch nemesis and what do you got left? Not much, still a few of the later Batman movies are pretty good, specially the one with Tommy Lee Jones ;)
In TDK, which is the second movie in a new series, Batman is harder, more realistic but not really darker than Tim Burtons interpretation. And the good news The Joker is back and he is not killed in the end as the makers has understood that you can not kill him – unfortunately and to the sadness of many the actor died in real life instead.

I have a trouble to understand why (as I have been ranting about earlier) movies like Bourne Ultimatum and also this one get dice 6 – the third installation of Bourne I found really boring, but this against many others so I think I must be a bit strange there.

This movie however is not a 6er either. Yes The Joker is pretty good but not far as good as Jack Nicholson, there might be a little more vitality and confusion about this new Joker and I like it, but some of the point is missing. The real craziness, the smilex and the laughter. It is almost all there, just a little to much toned down and that makes the Joker too much like a twisted human and not a super hero.

Batman is doing a good job as well, but overall the movie is missing some of the drive and I think also feeling needed. Its like they try to put too much into the movie. There is also a Pearl Harbor twist as well as many other twists and I am sure this is why it gets dice 6. But you ask me I think also Pearl Harbor did it too far and it just becomes boring.

There are parts of this movie that are excellent and even in a period in the middle end I am almost falling over its excellence, but it doesn’t last. It just does not add up.

So Ill say it this way: A good movie and if I was forced to dice it; it would get a strong 4.

The Wire – Season 5 (TV series)

The final season of The Wire tries to get back into ”The Wire” business. Where season 4 gave moved the series a step further and gave us a bad taste by missing out on having an ending at all, season 5 goes back to its root and does about everything right again.

Problem is of course that after the Grand Bang from the first three season which I already before qualifies The Godfather status the key players and the gang has to be partially swapped and introduced from the beginning. In adition to this we have the continuation of the political play and the introduction of the press.

The Political part is good and we see a man that originally wanted to be good fall into the roots of the system and becoming one of them and we as viewers questions us if he always just wanted power or if he just caught up by the hard truth?
In a way this is even more troublesome than all the honest and hard truth told in this series as it is about the very system, about democracy and where it is meant to impose the very possibility to change and get a better society – and it just does not work.

The sub story about the free press is as all the other thing in The Wire done with great care and it feels just as realistic as any. The fact that great journalism has to dodge for the short way to the great story is something that faces each media of the Press every day.

And to keep it all interesting we have the streets, the dope and all that makes The Wire one of the best series ever.
A worthy goodbye to the series and that’s always something to make a viewer happy.

Thank you.